Maelstrom is a social sciences zine which aims to challenge and provoke discussion surrounding social norms. We aim to showcase work from a variety of different mediums including articles, essays, poetry, art, illustrations, manifestos, book reviews, interviews, etc.

Therefore, Maelstrom will have all the academic rigor of a journal, but with a more informal, DIY ethos, highlighting that work outside of the typical medium can be useful as a tool to create open dialogues.

Issues will be available online as an e-zine, but paper copies can be made available too.

Anything submitted belongs 100% to the author and you can submit your work elsewhere as you please. We will also make sure you are credited for your work, in a way that you are happy with! We can use your social media handles, links to websites, throw in an author bio, the choice is entirely yours! We just want to create something that can demonstrate the quality of work available within social sciences, particularly from new artists, authors, creators, writers, recent graduates, and from people creating relevant work within the discipline.

We are currently taking submissions!

If you would like to submit any work you feel appropriate to the current title, please check out our submissions page to find out more information.

We look forward to seeing your work!